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In the Studio

This set of sketches are all from me sitting in on Mark & Steve’s ‘The Last Transmission‘ show. I have sketched both Mark & Steve, as well as some of their guest musicians who have come into the studio at Exeter’s ‘Phonic FM‘.

The studio is not an ideal sketching environment. The lighting isn’t very​ good, it’s rather ‘flat’ and dingy. It’s also pretty cramped especially with more than one musician in.
However, it is fantastic to watch and listen to the musicians giving an intimate​ acoustic performance! And I just do the best I can.

Featured sketch above:
Black & White pen, which I went over some of the lines just to add a little depth ~ A4
8th March 2014
Here’s my first sketch of both Mark & Steve in the studio. Drawn whilst I sat listening to the ‘Cool & Groovy’ tunes. It’s a bit like going round to a friends house to listen to their singles – as we used to do back in the days of vinyl.

Materials Used

Most of these sketches were drawn or painted in a Daler Rowney, Red & Yellow cartridge pad. Often sketched out quickly first with a 6B pencil, before adding watercolour or pen. I use my trusty Winsor & Newton, watercolour field paint box, with two round brushes, sable no.1 & no.6. The pen used is a waterproof fineliner and I’ve also used a black watercolour pencil.
The digital sketch below is using ‘ArtRage’ on an iPad. I was trying it out to see what I thought of it and how it works. I was working on several layers here, before flattening it. Same, but different. However, being an old git, I still prefer drawing traditionally.

Tobias Ben Jacob

Digital sketch of Tobias Ben Jacob
8th January 2018

This week’s special studio guest was Tobias Ben Jacob, who was playing songs from his fantastic new album ‘A Polyphonic Life’. Check it out here on Bandcamp: ‘Tobias Ben Jacob – Bandcamp‘ Some great original songwriting and sound. Very much recommended!

John Peel

John Peel sketch
John Peel sketch on the mixing desk.
16th December 2016

A slightly different sketch today. Mark is doing a special ‘John Peel Festive Fifty’ show. Playing old songs from the late, great DJ’s festive show and ‘The Last Transmission’s’ favourite songs from the last year. So I brought along a couple of photo’s of John to put together and do ‘my’ own sketch from them.
I started with a quick pencil outline before working in pen ~ A5

Stuart Wills

Pen sketch of Stuart Wills
5th December 2016

Stuart Wills‘ was in the studio – one half of Vending Machine Heart. He played one of their old songs and a great new song too ~ with beautiful lyrics and rich acoustic guitar.
This sketch was roughly A4, using pen & watercolour wash.


Watercolour pencil sketch of DJ Steve.
A quick sketch of DJ Steve with a loose background wash with the drawing in watercolour pencil, letting it blur with the wash.

Kiera Osment

Charcoal sketch of Kiera Osment
1st February 2015

Singer/songwriter Kiera Osment was coming down from Bideford to play some of her haunting songs on the show and we were all looking forward to it.

Kiera is only a youngster but she has a powerful and rich voice. She plays piano, guitar & cello and writes amazing songs of subjects that inspire her. Such as her ‘Titanic’ song, which tonight she sang us, her new follow-on song ‘Lost at Sea’. Golly what a talent!!

Sitting out of the way, behind Mark (the studio was pretty packed tonight!) I tried to capture her in a charcoal sketch. This sketch of Kiera is A4.


Pen sketch of DJ Monty
21st December 2014

A little A6 pen sketch of Mark at the microphone.

Far from the Delta

Pen sketch of 'Far From The Delta'
6th October 2014

Tonight we had the pleasure of listening to J, from ‘Far from the Delta‘. ‘Far from the Delta’ are a three-piece blues band with hard rock influences. However, tonight being on his tod, J is playing acoustic on a resonator guitar – putting in some great slide work too. Cool stuff!

Pen Sketch ~ A4

The Lyers

Watercolour pencil sketch of 'The Lyers'
23rd September 2014

Sitting here enjoying a great live set by North Devon band ‘The Lyers‘. Beautiful singing and guitar playing from the three of them. Well worth checking out if they are around your way!

Watercolour Pencil + Computer added tint ~ A4

Harry’s Dad

Charcoal sketch of Paul, aka 3 Dads
2nd May 2014

A charcoal sketch of Paul one of the ‘3Dads’. He’s in to talk about his song ‘Suicide’, the story behind the lyrics and trying to raise money to help young people with mental health problems. He’s a 40 something man on a mission!

Chiyoda Ku

Pen sketch, with digital background of chiyoda ku
22nd April 2014

Friday night found me once more sat quietly in the corner of the Phonic FM radio studio with my sketchbook. Tonight they were interviewing the instrumental, two-piece, math-rock band ‘Chiyoda Ku‘ who have just released their debut EP ‘Bread and Circuses’.

A4 Sketch using a pen, brush & ink. I added some texture by​ splattering ink in some areas and then finally added the band’s EP cover in the background using Photoshop. Tweaking the levels, again to add more texture.

Mark again

Pencil sketch of DJ Mark
The above pencil sketch is DJ Mark in the studio for their Christmas Show. A quick sketch of him looking up at his computer screen, though he was still moving around a lot.


You can also check out some more of my sketches from Mark & Steve’s show of Alex Kumar. He has been on the show several times, so I have more sketches of him and I collated them all into one post.

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