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Alex at Phonic FM

This is a series of drawings & sketches of musician and all-round good egg, Alex Kumar.
Who I have seen at several appearances​ in Exeter’s ’Phonic FM‘ studio, with Mark & Steve and their ‘The Last Transmission‘ show and at other venues. Playing his unique blend of ‘folk/blues’ and chatting about the history of the ‘Blues’ and life in general.
It’s always a pleasure to listen to Alex playing and hear his thoughts on life, the universe and everything.

Materials Used

These sketches are mostly in a Arboreta heavy-weight 160g/m sketch pad & Daler Rowney, Red & Yellow cartridge pad. I’ve used a 6B pencil, fineliner pen and dip pen with black ink.

Pen sketch of Alex Kumar

21st December 2014

My first sketch, Mark had told me that Alex wasn’t coming into the studio tonight. So I only popped a small A6 sketchbook and a pen in my pocket, just in case. But he then turned up all tricked out in his best bib & tucker, looking very suave and sophisticated.
He gave us three cracking new tunes that I had not heard before.
Pen sketch with a little watercolour wash added after, on Daler-Rowney cartridge paper.
Pencil sketch of Alex Kumar.
Pen sketch of Alex Kumar and the Kumets

29th December 2014

The above two sketches were at an intimate ‘Farewell’ gig at Alex’s house before he headed off on an American jaunt.​ Which I felt very privileged to be at.
I tried to capture him as best I could with a pencil. Though I found this harder because he wasn’t sitting as still as usual when he’s singing into a microphone. But I was still pretty pleased with it.
The second was a quick pen sketch of Alex and the ‘Kumets’ – well that’s what Dave liked to call themselves, Alex wasn’t so sure about the name!
Dip pen sketch of Alex Kumar

17th May 2015

Here Alex is again playing again in the Phonic FM FM studio. I used a dip pen & bottle of ink. If you listened carefully while Alex was playing you could hear me scratching away in the background – oops! A4 ‘ish
Digital drawing of Alex Kumar

7th September 2018

Alex’s final appearance – so far – in the studio was for ‘The Last Transmission’s‘ fifth birthday show. Alex was Mark & Steve’s first guest, so was back again for the festivities. Where did that time go?
This is a Digital sketch, using ‘ArtRage’ on an iPad.


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